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Why Quality Assurance Training Courses Should Be Compulsory

Running a business can be a struggle sometimes, juggling so many different tasks and trying to manage cash flow so that everyone gets paid on time. It could be tempting to cut corners but, one thing’s quite clear, you should never compromise on quality.

In the short-term you may save a few dollars but the long-term cost will be hard to bear, as you lose not only customers, but your good name, too.

And if you are the middle man in the production line, you could cop it from all sides! For example, let’s say you’re the middle man in a chain that takes fresh fruit from the grower to the retailer. And let’s say the retailer is Coles.

Quality Assurance Training

Checking on quality

You receive beautiful fresh fruit from growers who are justifiably proud of what they produce. It’s your job to pull together the produce from different suppliers, and then ship them to Coles.

During the time you have the fruit, you must check the quality and remove any fruit that doesn’t make the grade, and you must store the fruit in perfect conditions, so that it’s as good when it reaches the supermarket shelf as it was when it left the farm.

But you’re cutting corners on quality right now, trying to save money by not employing enough staff. As a result, the fruit isn’t properly stored and, when it reaches Coles, a lot of it has to be thrown away.

Losing customers

Coles is not happy with you, and changes to another supplier. They also complain to the growers. Then the growers are annoyed with your lack of quality control, and switch to another middle man. It’s that simple, and it happens every day.

In my humble view, all businesses, big and small, should attend quality assurance training courses and make a commitment to consistently produce quality goods and services.

A QMS course is, of course, part of the deal when you sign up to a quality standard, like ISO 9001. To achieve certification you must undergo auditing, and to pass that, you have to be consistently committed to quality.

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