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Environmental Standard ISO 14001 Is Well Worth The Effort

There’s a big difference between doing something – and doing it right! When it comes to International Standards, it’s not simply a case of putting a management system in place – it’s a matter of also putting it into practice.

Environmental Standard ISO 14001 has been getting a lot of attention lately, as organisations strive to improve how they operate. They do this for several reasons. Clearly they wish to minimise their impact on the environment, and make more efficient use of resources.

Improve your reputation

But they also do it to enhance their reputation amongst stakeholders, and to enable them to pursue bigger contracts and government tenders.

Environmental Management System ISO 14001 is suitable for all organisations, whatever their size or industry. But it’s a common mistake to think environmental management only applies to industries such as mining or pharmaceuticals.

All businesses have an impact on the environment, even office-based organisations. In fact, offices are amongst the biggest consumers of electricity – for lighting, heating, cooling and running equipment; paper, and fuel – as employees often travel long distances by car.

Environmental Management System ISO 14001

Lead from the top

It’s not unusual for staff to be more focussed on the environment than management, often initiating recycling schemes within the office. Environmental Management System ISO 14001 embraces this enthusiasm and gives it leadership from the top, creating an all-encompassing system that puts the environment at the heart of the organisation.

Once this is in place, the next crucial stage is an environmental awareness training course for all staff. This is very important, as everyone within the organisation needs to understand what it is, why it’s happening, and how they can play their part.

Delivered by professionals

Environmental awareness training courses can only be delivered by qualified, experienced professionals, who have a thorough understanding of International Standards, are Exemplar Global-certified, and have experience across all major industries.

Without a doubt, Environmental Management System ISO 14001 will improve how an organisation operates, reduce its costs, potentially increase customers and profit, and make a major difference to the environment.