Reasons To Implement Environmental Management System ISO 14001

As a business begins its journey towards becoming a more sustainable organisation, the first thing it should do is consider implementing Environmental Management System ISO 14001 – an international standard that places environmental responsibility at the core of the enterprise.

Anyone involved in environmental risk organisations, such as mining or construction, will know exactly what an Environmental Management System – or EMS – is. Indeed, having an EMS is a legal requirement in many cases.

But the fact is that every organisation should be considering an EMS, because everything we do, big or small, has an impact on our environment.

Minimise The Risk

Implementing Environmental Management System ISO 14001 allows an organisation to put in place tools and procedures to minimise that impact, through reducing its use of resources, reducing waste, encouraging good environmental practices, minimising risk and educating employees.


It is a framework that is recognised the world over, and can be measured and monitored against an organisation’s goals and targets.

Environmental Management System ISO 14001 brings many benefits to an organisation, such as helping it comply with environmental legislation, improving reputation, motivating staff and reducing staff turnover, and attracting more customers.

Excellent Cost Cutting Tool

It will also better place an organisation to seek working partnerships with larger organisations, or tender for government contracts, as both are more than likely to insist on ISO accreditation.

An EMS is an excellent cost cutting tool, as it will encourage the organisation to reduce its power and resource consumption, and minimise waste. By reducing the risk of an environmental incident taking place, the organisation can also avoid hefty fines and cleanup costs.

Due to the monitoring and reporting nature of ISO standards, it also simplifies the process by which an organisation must report to stakeholders and other interested parties.

There are various training courses that will help an individual gain more knowledge about Environmental Management System ISO 14001, including Environmental Awareness Training and EMS Lead Auditor Training.


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