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New Year, New Opportunities, With Internal Auditing Training

If you’re looking for a career that offers opportunity, a good level of pay and job security, you might wish to consider internal auditing training. Internal auditors play a crucial role in organisations of all sizes in Australia, helping management meet their targets and comply with legislation.

Many qualified internal auditors choose to continue their studies, by undertaking ISO Lead Auditor Training, which offers even more opportunities world-wide.

Auditing Management Systems

Whilst an organisation’s financial operations fall within the auditor’s remit, internal auditors are also responsible for monitoring and assessing other management systems, including workplace health and safety, environmental management, food safety and quality assurance.

Internal auditors check everything from waste management to quality control, ensuring their organisation is set up for maximum returns, whilst meeting its ethical, moral and environmental responsibilities as an employer.

Relevant Qualifications

To enrol for internal auditing training, it is generally expected that you will have qualifications in finance, business, accounting, management or a related field. Often, an organisation will re-train existing staff, putting them through internal auditing training, so that they can better fulfil their duties.

Internal Auditing Training
As with most careers, it’s really a matter of getting your qualifications and then notching up some hands-on work experience so that you can progress to higher paid positions.

Growing Job Opportunities

Research suggests that employment opportunities for internal auditors are growing faster than many other professions. This is due in part to the introduction of new legislation, covering key areas such as environmental management and workplace safety.

It is also due to an increase in the number of actively trading businesses in Australia, according to the latest statistics.

Internal auditing training and ISO Lead Auditor Training are available in Brisbane, at SC Training Centre, with new courses starting in the New Year. Covering a range of management systems, courses include a mix of theory and hands-on learning, and are run over 2 days and 5 days respectively.