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Internal Auditing Training A Key Part Of Smart Management

There are so many buzzwords in business these days, don’t you think? And so many systems and suggestions as to what we should be doing to improve our organisations. So it’s quite likely you’ve heard of Integrated Management System ISO 9001, and you may be wondering if it’s any use to you.

Just because something is good, and it works, doesn’t always mean it’s right for everyone. ISO 9001 is an International Standard and, let’s face it, ISO alone publishes some 21,000 Standards, so clearly, they are not all applicable to everyone.

But Integrated Management System ISO 9001 is rather different. It’s a management system that can encompass several different Standards, and is specifically designed to reduce documentation, duplication and cost.

Internal AuditIntegrated Management System ISO 9001

So, if you are rejecting the idea of implementing Integrated Management System ISO 9001 because you are a small business, don’t! It is actually a very wise move for any SMB.

Most commonly in Australia, organisations tend to integrate Quality Management – that’s the ISO 9001 bit – with Environmental Management, and Safety Management. And whilst you might see the correlations between the environment and safety, you might question the connection with quality.

Certainly that’s a reason why some businesses don’t feel Integrated Management System ISO 9001 is for them. Or perhaps they think that, by combining Standards, they will be ‘watering down’ the impact? Fair point, but it’s incorrect.

Sharing Key Goals

Whether an organisation is managing its impact on the environment, working to keep its employees safe, or trying to improve its reputation by producing better quality products, it’s all about implementing systems, procedures and checks.

And these systems are always going to overlap with others within the organisation, so it makes rather good sense to integrate them into one, more manageable form.

So what’s more important – the system, the procedures, or the checks? The correct answer is that they are all as important as each other. The system ensures employees know what they should be doing; procedures are in place to help them do it, and checks make sure that they are doing it right, and that everything else is working. Checks will also show up areas that require more work.

Importance Of Internal Audits

In Standard-speak, these checks are audits, and regular auditing is an important part of the whole process. Internal auditing training prepares key employees to help management, by constantly reviewing and reporting back on systems and procedures.

And to gain ISO certification, an organisation will be assessed by an external, or third party auditor.

Is Integrated Management System ISO 9001 right for your organisation? Most likely, yes!